Hi! My name is Kuan-Ju Wu and I'm a creative technologist and new media artist.
I love building interactive installation and tangible intefaces that connect people to each other and Nature.
Please feel free to contact me for consulting or collabration!

 Experiential Design and Technology

Toyota - Concept-I
Future car experience
Google - Web Lab
Robotics and Interactive Exhibition
UAE - Museum of the Future
VR/AR + AI exhibition
TSLA - Coffee Connector
Multi-sensory interactive machine
Google - Binoculars
Telepresence VR
Tellart - Balance Table
Enchanted Object
Knox College - Portrait Wall
Multi-Display Image Wall
Purina - Better with Pets
Dog tracking visualization
Target - Lights
Interactive light installation
Cooper Hewitt - Pen
Smart pen
White House - Wall
Body tracking interactive display
タイム堂 - byColors
Interactive store front experience
Big Eye
DIY Projection Microscope
Plant Sonification
Plant-sensing synthesizer

 Emerging Media Art

Pneumatic Light Sculpture
Core Sample
Kinetic Sculpture in Nature
Signs of Life
Artificial plant sculpture
Soundform No.1
Sound installation
Teenage Meadow
Interactive plant sculpture
To Cedar
Interactive art displays
Pneumatic sculpture
Interactive kinetic sculpture
Grass Bot
Speculative designed robot
Soft Robot Instruction
DIY Soft Actuator Demo
Crows Vending Machine
Animal computer interfacet
Waveform No.2
Kinetic sculpture
Fire Pit
Metal welding art
Color Melody
Music composing toy
Plunk O
Play structure
Robotics toy
Interactive fabrication
Dance Graphic
Data visualization
Robotics construction kit
Leaf Radio
Form Study
Head Monster Game
Augmented Reality Game
Head Monster
robotics toy
Digital fabrication sculpture
Interactive video art
Electronics construction kit
Motion Sketch
Bio-inspired mechanism


Creative Programming and Electronics
Internet of Trees
IOT and storytelling
Drawing Machine
Physical Computing
Robotics and Electronics

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