Grass Bot

Elastomer, Cat Grass, Pumps, Micro Controller 矽膠,貓草,小型幫浦馬達,微處理器

Symbiosis : Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. - Oxford dictionary

The work explores the symbiotic relationship between the mechanical and the natural. The 21st century will challenge everything we think we know about nature and technology. Will the line between biology and technology begin to blur? What if we could create a platform that is mutually beneficial for both robots and living things? Half-plant, half-robot, Grass Bot is a liminal exploration of this vision of hybridity.

After “The Last Day” when all the human beings have gone, what’s left on earth are nature and machines. Following the rule of evolution, some of the machines and nature established the relationship of symbiosis.

Grass Bot is a type of bot that can be found mostly in Subtropics. Originally it was designed (by human) for agricultural purpose micro amphibia robot. It uses the plant sensor on its back to look for water source and the suitable sprouting environment for cat grass, which was the most popular highly valuable space crop for space travel.

Several centuries after “The Last Day”, the high mobility and low pH soft body of Grass Bot became the best habitat of wild cat grass and other soilless plants.

According the parameter of the environment: sun, rain, CO2, bio stress, Grass Bot will bring the plant to its best habitat, and in exchange the plant provide the energy (Bio Mass). In addition, plant is also the best camouflage, helping Grass Bot disguise from the attack of the drone.

The Morphology of the Grass Bot is greatly inspired by the research from Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University.

末日過後,當所有人類都已離去,留在地球上的,只剩下自然與機器。 而根據演化的法則,自然與機器發展出了互利共生的關係。


Grass Bot是大多出現在亞熱帶地區的草皮機器人。 一開始被人類設計出來是作為農業用的微型兩棲移動載具。其主要的的功能是透過背上的生物感測器來尋找水源,與人類宇宙旅行所需的高營養作物(貓草)的最佳種植環境。

由於其高移動性與弱酸性的柔軟身體,在人類離開地球後的百年後,Grass Bot成為野生貓草和其他無土植物的最佳棲息地。

根據環境的狀態:陽光,雨水,CO2值,生物壓力,Grass Bot會帶著植物往最適合生長的棲息地移動而植物則為Grass Bot提供移動所需的動力(生物能源)除此之外,植物也是最佳的偽裝植披,幫助Grass Bot躲過 附有機器視覺辨識功能的飛行器的攻擊。








Date: Jul, 2017

Author: Kuan-Ju Wu, Yasuaki Kakehi Lab

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