Kuan-Ju Wu (KJ) 吳冠儒

I’m a creative technologist, new media artist, and interaction designer with a focus on sentimental, tangible, embodied, material-based, in-situ user experience design. My practice revolves around research, innovation and collaborations – with both humans and non-humans.

For me, technology is a tool for transformation. While we take for granted that we design technologies, often forgetting that they simultaneously design us. I aim to further develop my concept of Feral Interactions: delightful exchanges among humans, machines, and environments that embrace the fuzzy and ambiguous instinctive moments occuring within our earliest memories: those intuitive, rich, and satisfying experiences that connect us all to each other and our natural world.

My research practice is based on material experimentations combined with rigorous literature reviews, which provide the foundation for a novel application landscape. I always start with fast hands-on prototypes, before allowing the emerging narratives of the ensuing interactions to direct my creative process.

I am the co-founder of the artists collective Natura Machina and an instructor at the University of California Berkeley Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and its related Masters of Design program. My teaching subjects include “Creative programming and electronics” and “Designing of emerging technologies”. I have shown work at Ars Electronica, Linz, Japan Media Art Festival, Tokyo and Current New Media Art Festival, Santa Fe.

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