To Cedar

Art (Sungjae Lee)

To Cedar is a 12-channel video installation that represents multiple impressions of the artist Sunjae Lee’s journey to Cedar City. The 12 individual videos synchronize each other by sharing small figures and have a unified scene every 6 minutes.

This video installation is specifically created for a video room that is like a tunnel at the Southern Utah Museum of Art in a special group show of Korean artists from October 13 through December 28, 2018.

Tech (Kuan-Ju Wu)

12 Displays are synchronized using BrightSign LS media players and a local network switch with custom script. In addition to the 12-channel displays, there are also 3 interactive TVs installed across the corridor playing Sungjae’s art animations. Those 3 TVs utilize temperature based sensor to detect human presence and trigger the video loops host on Raspberry Pi.

Date: Nov, 2018

Author: Sungjae Lee, Kuan-Ju Wu

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