Color Melody

Color Melody is a toy designed for young children to explore colors and sounds. The creative connection between colors and sounds elicit senses of pitch, melody, fraction, and color mix.

Consists of a turntable, a tangram disc, a color sensitive stylus, Color Melody aims to achieve:

  1. Establish imagined links between color and sound.

  2. Encourage hand-eye-ear coordination with visual and audio feedback.

  3. Familiarize with the concept of fraction through various combinations of pie-shaped color plates.

  4. Experience musical composing in play.

​Users place 5 different colors of plate on the turntable. Each color represents a pitch. Users can adjust the spinning speed of the turntable with the nob at the corner. When moving the color sensitive stylus over the tangram disc, it will translate the colors into respective pitches. The length of each note is determined by the number of consecutive same-color plates. With different sequence and combination of color plates, users compose their own melodies.





Date: Jul, 2013

Author: Meng-Ting, Kao, Kuan-Ju Wu

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