Drawing Machine

Drawing Machine KIT is designed for a studio course taught by Mikhail Mansion and Kuan-Ju Wu at Rhode Island School of Design Industrial Design Department.

It’s a descendant of Sketchbot but aiming for lower cost ($50) and easier to access (Arduino+processing). The purpose of the course is to encourage Design student to engage design for functional machine and to explore the transition of data. (digital to physical).





Some of the final projects are here:

img13 (Credit: Ryan Ferguson)

img5 (Credit: Adi Azulay)

img6 (Credit: Dan Gioia)

img8 (Credit: Jerry Ding)

img12 (Credit: Kiana Suchecki)

img11 (Credit: Julie Liang)

img9 (Credit: Tim Duschenes)

img16 (Credit: Peter Schwartz)

img7 (Credit: Keyu Guo)


Date: Aug, 2015

Author: Tellart, Mikhail Mansion, Kuan-Ju Wu

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