Soundform No.2

Sense Island / Natura Machina


Soundform is a minimalistic soundscape and kinetic art installation that transforms heat energy into sound and creates a poetically evolving composition in conjunction with natural forces. Influenced by environmental conditions—such as wind and temperature—the artwork sonically explores an ecological crossroads between nature and culture.


The artwork was first exhibited at Ars Electronica, later at Japan Media Art Festival, and then the Island of Senses-Island of Dark Art (感覚の島- 暗闇の美術島), where visitors could take a local ferry across Tokyo Bay to explore artworks installed on the uninhabited island of Sarushima (猿島, “Monkey Island”). My roles include designing and fabricating the mounting of the sound tubes as well as the programming of the control circuits.






This artwork is a collaboration between Mikhail Mansion, Yasuaki Kakehi and Kuan Ju Wu—collectively Natura Machina.

Natura Machina is an experimental artist collective that theorizes and explores a new aesthetic convergence between nature and machine through the advent of new media art.

Drawing on nature for inspiration, input and source, Natura Machina seeks to uncover new modalities of experience, communication and creative expression. Through research, design and fabrication of new media arts installations, the group explores forces, ephemera, patterns, perception, interactions, sensation, motions, spaces, sounds and numerical relationships between natural environments and artificial systems and machines.

Date: May, 2022

Author: Natura Machina: Yasuaki Kakehi, Mikhail Mansion, Kuan Ju Wu

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